Is Anything too Hard?

I have entered a season of life that my teenage self would never would have anticipated. I am a husband and father, a pastor, and a PhD student. I do not share that to boast about where I am, because the reality is all three aspects are incredibly hard to thrive in. 

            I am learning the value of time, a currency that cannot be generated. Time is a valuable commodity and the way it is invested will return a yield. The issue is, what kind of yield will it return?

            As a husband and father, the time I invest in my marriage and my children is the most important investment I can make. It yields the greatest potential. Not only that, it has the strongest biblical foundation. This weighs on me. The more I understand the limited amount of time I have with my children, the greater the urgency I feel to invest in them. At the same time, I am realizing my many failures and my own selfishness with how I use the limited time I have. This is hard.

            As a pastor, invested time also returns a yield, and no matter where the time is invested someone will have an opinion of how it might have been better used. The commitment to study and exposition requires large swaths of time, as does the investment into building relationships. This is hard.

            As a student, I am learning the rigors of time management in order to produce at a high level. Attention to detail and critical thinking require significant time demands. This is hard.

            I have come to conclusion that time and legacy run in complimenting lanes. The legacy I leave will reflect the full ROI of my time investment. This is hard, but God is good, faithful, and omnipotent. 

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